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The City of Pritzwalk

Even from a distance Pritzwalk`s visitors are welcomed by the impressive tower of the St. Nicholas Church. The construction of the main church of the city began in 1256 when Pritzwalk received municipal law. The neo-Gothic tower has been adorning the church only since 1882. The town hall from 1840, which was built in the neoclassical style, and the Marktstraße form the center of the city.
Remains of the medieval city wall and the town church tell of the long history of the city, which was a member of the Hanseatic League in the 14th century. Therefore, Pritzwalk could benefit from a far-reaching autonomy.

A sight in Pritzwalk is Trappenberg with the 18.5 meter high Bismarck tower, which was built in 1905. The history of the tower is shown in an exhibition.

For further information visit: www.pritzwalk-info.de und www.pritzwalk.de

Pritzwalk is also an ideal starting point for trips to the Archaeological Park in Freyenstein or to the Fashion Museum Schloss Meyenburg..

The Quandt family

Closely related to the town of Pritzwalk is the name Quandt. The family settled in the 18th century and founded one of the German economic dynasties.
In 1880 Emil Quandt took over the local cloth mill of the Draeger brothers. Among others, the Quandt cloth mill supplied the Imperial Navy. The foundation for the later importance of the family was laid here. Herbert Quandt was born in Pritzwalk in 1910. Taking a tremendously high private financial risk, he took over a large BMW block of shares in the late 1950s and, as a result, helped the ailing and long-standing automotive and motorcycle producer preserving their independence. For many years, the Quandt family has been supporting the expansion and conversion of the former Quandt cloth mill, which is now home to the association for education .